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  1. I read a lot of what was mentioned here, but not all of it. The way I see it is this.. If you can play along with 100 songs on Rocksmith.. odds are.. you can play the guitar. If you know it or not..that is a different story. But, if you find a chord pattern in a song you like.. then take a strum pattern from a different song... add a few touches of things you personally like.. Guess what?! You just made a song. You don't NEED to know music theory, you don't NEED to know scales. If you have ears, and a good sense of music then you can play the guitar just based upon playing along with Rocksmith. If you are not musically inclined, and you are one that will have to work for it.. then yes. You may need support in music theory and the likes. BUT.. even if you know every bit of music theory and the likes, without practice it means nothing. Just because you know exactly how something is played, doesn't mean that you are physically able to play it.. hence Rocksmith can teach you to play and create your own stuff. Just a matter of if you have the ear and creativity for it.
  2. I'd like to throw in here, that as long as you go with a bigger name, even their cheap lines are actually decent. It is 2017 some of the most important aspects of a guitar are done by a machine.. meaning it really is no different than a more expensive guitar outside of the wood, hardware, and pups.. cause the body and neck are all CNC. Honestly, I recently picked up a C-1 by SGR from Amazon for 100 bucks-- used-- 200 normally, and it is amazing. My tone knob wasn't tightened down and is kind of rough turning it.. but I just need to take the top off, tighten it into place, and that should be that. What I am getting at is.. find a guitar that YOU personally really like the look of. Obviously if you try it and don't like the feel or sound, there is that.. but if you like the look of the guitar you will want it to be in your hands- meaning you're practicing.. at least I hope you aren't just sitting there with it in your hands admiring the looks alone. If you like the guitar you have, you can try changing strings, setting it back up, ensuring that frets are level and smooth, make sure the joint between the neck and the body is solid. Outside of that, changing pups.
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