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  1. Would be great to see on bass: mini mansions - vertigo Death is a girl: Heart of glass: Thanks!
  2. Hall and Oates - Rich Girl (Bass Tab) Tabs: https://www.bigbasstabs.com/hall__oates_bass_tabs/rich_girl.html Jam: https://youtu.be/oIAkRVBS-0U
  3. Tinsley Ellis. Alien Ant Farm. Minus the Bear.
  4. Your shop is pretty rad. Sgt Pipper is tits.
  5. I really prefer to stand when I play so that I dont get lazy but I use a drum throne when I sit. A good throne can hold the laziest of bums for many hours in comfort. Apparently this subforum is really really really overlooked... My bad...
  6. mretgis


    Greetings from the deep south US. Just figured I'd say hello, I use a ton of CDLC and kind of feel bad that I don't really interact much. I play bass like fieldy and jaco had a baby together, and occasionally I play guitar very poorly. I'm in the music business, I sell re-necked unwanted guitars on ebay as vintage les pauls. Its a very niche market but if you're good at it, and aren't afraid of jumping in a dumpster, there is money to be made. Anyway, I have 4 listings to get up tonight so I have to run, but hope everyone is doing well. Glad to have this resource to keep playing fun.
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