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  1. Hi, I had to move / reinstall Steam onto an external drive (done following the Steam support page). So I have a fresh install of the same and I followed the usual process to download the patch and put in the RS file (in new location). But running the patch the terminal displays the same message as the previous post with the same location - no surprise file not found in users/library..... does the patch only work if the game is installed here? Weirdly the two dylib files run and correctly pick up the location in the external drive? I'm not seeing the DLC content in RS - plays but just zero CF DLC present?
  2. Man what a tough time you've been served - hope you have good friends and family around you to help you get through things. You certainly have a show of support from your community. I had to cease my Patreon donations a few months ago after I lost my job, but having had a serious look at my expenditures and getting things in order (not buying multiple coffees everyday has alone saved a fortune!) I'm able to re-commit - it's not much for now but every little bit helps right. Actually you may be interested to know this site has other influences - being a Mac user you can imagine the times I've had to come and seek help on here following the latest OS changes. I've always wished I had a better understanding on the tech side of discussions which is partly why I'm now on a full stack development course. So (fingers crossed) I may have a new career in software development in front of me ...... or failing that, I may at least be able to understand or contribute to the tech discussions! Hope things take a positive turn for you too and thank you for keeping CF rocking on!
  3. Hi, i reinstalled recently and had to re-enable Rocksmith in the security settings for it to recognise the keyboard - Sys Pref / Security / Privacy tab / Input Monitoring - add Rocksmith to the list of apps - I was put off at first as there's a warning about being able to monitor the keyboard when using other apps....... but no one's hacked my bank account yet!
  4. @@firekorn thanks for the reply. I don't recall seeing a prompt for keyboard (only access to mic which I accepted). But I've been into privacy settings and Rocksmith is showing in the 'Input Monitoring' section so still not sure why not working. When you say 'add CDLC small group at a time' presumably you mean moving all the CDLC files elsewhere and then return them in small chunks? @@TeeBee - I went System Preferences / Security & Privacy / Privacy tab / Input Monitoring (Rocksmith was already listed and ticked for me).
  5. Hi, so I stil have the same problem of being unable to play CDLC. I followed @@firekorn advice and verified the integrity of the game. At first it looked like this worked (CDLC screens were loading) but when I returned later to start playing the same issue came back. I then followed @@skittishbongo42 and uninstalled / reinstalled / reapplied patch but still no joy. Also it no longer seems to respond to the keyboard e.g. to navigate down the song list I can only do this by scrolling with the up/down arrows - it no longer jumps to an artist when keying a letter. My Mac is running Catalina, not sure what other info needs to be shared.
  6. Hi, thanks for reply. No i hadn't.... and to be honest i'm not sure what exactly i need to re do then (i recall there were a number of steps in the set-up process). just tried searching on reinstalling patch but not finding any guidance. Can you point me in the right direction. Thank you
  7. Hi, after updating to Mac High Sierra OS i encountered the issue where RS wouldn't play (keyboard stops working and couldn't progress pass the 'Enter' upon loading screen). I got the workaround to edit the .ini file to open in window and not full screen, but have found that only the original and official DLC work. Any attempt to open CDLC completely freezes the game when it starts to open the song (after the individual song menu). Must be others out there who have encountered this and have some 'useful' advice?? Here's hoping! Cheers
  8. yep i had this too, but the answer from DarrenLynch solved it (just in case anyone didn't make the immediate connection). I've been a RS user for years and have spent a fortune on DLCs and until yesterday was not even aware of this site! I still intend to purchase the DLC which floats my boat, but so buzzed about actually being able to get other content not available - some stuff here i've been requested over the years........ i have a busy weekend ahead!!
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