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  1. No, unfortunately you missed out on this one due to the license for it expiring. Those delisted DLC songs are forbidden from CustomsForge as it would go against our rules. To learn more about which tracks are delisted and when they will be/have been delisted, please visit: https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/111873/rocksmith-2011-dlc-delisting
  2. Yup, that was me lol. It seems someone in the CF discord was having issues getting their Mac to work with CDLC on Big Sur, so they re-wrote the script I believe. I've tried using it on my M1 with Monterey and the songs show, they just don't get passed the amps. So if you're very hands on and might be able to fix it, I'm sure you'll be loved by all haha. It's in the #mac-os channel of the Discord if you wanna take a look. Yeah no, turns out that hasn't made a difference. They show regardless and the patch is crashing cause of libRSBypass.dylib as you suggested. Gonna have to just hope and wait someone comes along and fixes it, unfortunately.
  3. Alrighty, have a look into my guide here to get it up and running. If you need further help, hop into the CustomsForge discord and we can get you up and running.
  4. I wouldn't do that either, the customs in those sketchy torrents will be 1) likely out of date and bad quality from the earlier CDLC days. 2) Stolen without credit to the original charter and 3) Do you really want to risk getting a virus for the sake of grabbing CDLC in bulk? Not worth it and not something CF particularly likes either.
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