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  1. Still doesn´t work. Or I took the wrong one... idk, I´ve put the .dll into the main folder, deleted the old ones, placed the patched one in... still doesn´t work. Maybe I´ve just take the wrong patch
  2. So far, so good... I just got my new PC and started to reinstall all my CDLCs. I did everything exactly like shown in the video. But as soon as I´m trying to start the game it will stop at the screen with the Amps. I can still play though, but the song woun´t start and the game is crashed, as far as I am not able to return from the named screen to any other. After a restart the game just works fine, but again the same problem as soon I try to start a CDLC. I even tried the toolkit, but the latest vesion seems to be out of date. At least the proigram tells me so...
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