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  1. If someone makes any of these guitar dlcs it would be so cool and I would love it. Black clover: Opening 3 - Black Rover Opening 5 - Gamushara Opening 7 - JUSTadICE Opening 10 - Black Catcher Opening 11 - Stories Opening 12 - Eien ni Hikare Enen no shouboutai -Enen no Shouboutai Opening 2 - "MAYDAY feat. Ryo from CRYSTAL LAKE" by coldrain -Enen no Shouboutai Season Opening 1 - "SPARK-AGAIN" by Aimer -Enen no Shouboutai Season Opening 2 - "Torch of Liberty" by KANA-BOON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBZd7hQi-FU
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