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  1. Would you consider the note highway just not showing up at all a crash? On some of my songs (most work fine), I will get the tuning window, then the two amps on either side come down, however the area where the note highway usually appears will just stay blank. I cannot escape out and have to force quit.
  2. When I go to the packer/unpacker tab to update an appID, I click on the tab to choose DLC. The navigation window is forcing me to search for file type Custom Rocksmith/Rocksmith2014 DLC (*.dat;*) Of course the files I'm looking for don't have that extension, but it won't let me change it. Help?
  3. So I downloaded this file... unzipped it and have the guitar icon for the custom toolkit. I click on the guitar icon and it appear briefly in the toolbar, then just disappears without anything actually opening. Man, I hope I'm not missing something simple... Thanks for any help.
  4. How does one open the toolkit on a Mac? I downloaded it, however there are exe files, but no app file. I've tried using mono but get all sorts of errors... is there someone who can walk me through this?
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