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  1. Happy Birthday raven0282!

  2. Happy Birthday raven0282!

  3. Last week just went to see: Volbeat Avenged Sevenfold Metallica Really good concert.
  4. I have a different question. I have only bought Rocksmith 2014 Remastered. I now want to get the songs from Original Rocksmith. Can I simply buy the Steam version of Original Rocksmith and move the songs over with the same "Disc Importer Tool", or do I have to get the physical copy (CD/DVD) of Original Rocksmith?
  5. I did have the same thing happen to me. I reported the file to AVG so they could do a checkup on it. A few days later I reinstalled, and AVG is content. I rescanned the .exe file with AVG and it finds no infection. I would recommend you do the same with any file that you suspect is clean of infection (from a reputable source) and detects as having a virus. It could very well be a false positive result but better safe than sorry.
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