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  1. Hey again, I figured it out. I post the solution so if someone has the same problem they can solve it. I hadn't played for years so my game wasn't updated. I didn't have the remaster version of the game. After updating, it worked just fine.
  2. BTW, the correct name is d3dx9_42.dll and not d3dx9_dll. It's a typo. And I own the cherub rock song. Thanks!
  3. Hi, The game won't launch if d3dx9_dll is in the root fodder. I made sure that it's in the right fodder, that the name is what it should be. I had created a "cdlc" fodder in the dlc fodder, I deleted it just to be sure but it didn't change anything. Rocksmith runs fine if I delete the d3dx9 file. Did it happen to anyone? Thank you in advance
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