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  1. No, it seems to happen in a somewhat random fashion (or at least I haven't been able to pinpoint any specific pattern to it). First chord appearances or one offs will almost always be blank, but for some others (say a repeating power chord) the first chord pane is blank and then every pane thereafter will have the chord display in it. Sometimes there's the proper chord name, sometimes nothing at all. Sometimes there will be an 'm' displayed above the chord pane instead of the name of the chord. Nothing is amiss about any single notes or the way any of the notation is displayed, it's just been an issue for anything that has two or more notes (including stuff like double stop bends). I haven't done this for more than a handful of songs thus far (lots of songs might only have one tone so I can whip something up in the tone designer if needed), but it's been a recurring theme. Let me know if there's any other info I can provide or if there's anything I should try.
  2. Hey guys, this is an issue I've had for a while now and I'm wondering if there's a simple fix I'm just not seeing or if it's just the way it is. Sometimes I like the way a chart looks and plays okay, but the tones are leaving a lot to be desired (or are way too quiet or loud). Or I just want to use my own guitar sound, that sort of thing. It's very quick and easy to just import it into the ToolkitGUI, update the tones there and then generate a new file. However, I find in the process that I am losing most if not all the chord information. I end up with a lot of empty chord panes (maybe akin to Master Mode, although I have that turned off) so unless I already have the chords memorized I won't know what they are. It's a pain for songs that have a lot of changes or some tricky voicings. I've looked through all the menus but I can't seem to see anything that would help me preserve them? Under the DD menu I've tried the chord options, different DD settings, no DD, etc. I'd be super thrilled if someone could help me figure this out, I feel like it must be something really basic that I'm just not seeing.
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