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  1. Hi, Here's my try for the beginner lead thanks.
  2. I tried the bass for fun (never play it)
  3. Hi, Can't play the songs on Drop D, so here's my beginner and intermediate lead (can't pass the pink floyd lead on score attack) screenshots And the intermediate rythm : It was a fun week's selection. Thanks.
  4. So this is my last try lead : Rythm : My guitar have problem with the "B5 / C5 / D5" notes, I have to play them Up/Down.
  5. Thanks for your feedback, had to Edit my post with the new screenshot because when I tried to post it in response of your comment the server was unable to load the file.
  6. Hi, I'm participating for the first time. I'm a bit late for this week so I just gave a try to the beginners song (It's clearly my level). Lead : Rythm : Tell me if I'm missing something about the rules. Thanks.
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