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  1. I tend to use 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' as a warmup for bass. It covers most of the fretboard, all of the strings get a good amount of play, and it's a decently paced song to wake my fingers up.
  2. OK, I'm thinking now that the problem is actually with the MIDI source I used to put the tabs together. When I listen to the actual song, the bass part has a lot more complexity than what is in the tabs. But the MIDI source, upon listening, is overly simplified. So that means I either need to find a better tab source or a MIDI that's better put together to include the actual bass line.
  3. Not from what i see from that GP file, there's usually 2 note per measure since the first quarter is just tied to the one of the previous measure. Also quarter note and sustain aren't different things, sustain in game is an indication of how long the note should ring and quarter note also indicate this but for a different support (music sheet). So when you import a tab in GP file, you will have tons of sustain indication which is perfectly normal unless you have very short note duration (16th note all the way). Thank you for the clarification. The first quarter is carried from the previous measure in the tab, but in EoF I'm not seeing the other quarter notes in the measure besides the sustained first quarter that are in the measure. For the majority of the song, the first quarter of the measure is a sustained note from the previous measure, then there's 2 additional quarter notes in the measure, typically different frets and different strings in the case of the verse. These additional quarters aren't being displayed in EoF, which is only showing the full sustain.
  4. When importing tabs from GP7 (exported as a GP5 file) into EoF as REAL_BASS_22, the notes are being imported as sustains when they are actually quarter notes on different strings. Looking at the tabs in GP7, they are correct, but EoF seems to only be picking up the root note. So far all I have done in EoF is load the MP3, display the waveform, add a 3 second leading pause, and set the BPM to 93. From there I made sure the track was set to REAL_BASS_22, then imported the GP5 I exported from GP7. While going through playback to line up the beats and notes, I noticed that in the song the bass line has 3 distinct note per measure stepped progression, but EoF was showing a sustain for each measure rooted at the first note. Sorry if I repeated myself any in describing the issue, I just wanted to ensure I was clear enough. Here is a link to the GP5 export if you wanted to test it out: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iy4uq4nuo7vpu1h/Fiona-Apple-Paper-Bag.gp5?dl=0 I'm still new to creating CDLC and am more than willing to admit I may have missed a step or setting that caused this. Thank you in advance for any assistance!
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