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  1. Happy Birthday Bralthar!

  2. Happy Birthday Bralthar!

  3. And now, inexplicably, I'm able to get into Ignition.
  4. I'm running Windows 7, and yes, I do use Chrome. I also tried yellowfruit's suggestion of clearing and rebooting, still no joy. Thanks.
  5. Thanks mude69 Are you referring to the Status of Ignition & Common Problems / Fixes? I did check that earlier, but none of it applies. And it was last updated about a year ago. I also see that I'm not the only one with this issue. Any other ideas? Cheers
  6. Beginning yesterday, I am not able to access Ignition--or any of its sub-items. Whenever I click on Ignition I get redirected to a login screen, even though I'm already logged in. I even bookmarked the search page separately, and even that takes me to a login page. I can access all of the other links/pages on CF, just nothing in Ignition. Any ideas? Thanks
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