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  1. hey folks! first of all, a happy new year to you guys! great to hear about your band. i have jammed with a buddy of mine for the first time 2 weeks ago. it was awesome! i think it's the next step in my musical journey after playing solo and a whole year of rocksmith. @ciffy: are you still panning on doing different people? it's been a while since you last posted here :( how was the gig dude? :) @viper: that being said, you mind doing different people if ciffy does not respond? i know it's weird but it's probably my favourite biffy song. everytime i listen to it, i want to play it in rocksmith. i just need it in my life ;) anyway take care guys! i hope to see you soon here :)
  2. So, the big 3 concerts are coming up! would love to be there How is everybody doing? i started a new job in the last couple of months, which put my custom creation project a little bit on the backburner :( Ciffy, i hope you have a fucking great time. Remember to post some concert impressions here :) (hopefully it will reignite your passion for doing customs ;)) have a great day guys! ps: is anyone getting some guitar gear for christmas? i'm planning to get a new guitar since my current one is a piece of shit straight out of hell. i was looking at the official simon neil strat but i'm undecided. what about ypou guys?
  3. welcome back ciffy :) good to hear you're back :) quick question to you guys: i want to start doing customs myself. i downloaded a youtube vid explaining the process but i haven`t had a chance to watch it through. How difficult is it to do a song? i plan to get into it this weekend. any tips would be appreciated! have a nice day folks! ps: for reference, i want to do "the immortals" by kings of leon
  4. i play guitar, but i'm starting to try out a little bit of bass as well. how are you all doing? been a while since we had another biffy song. are you planning on doing more? have a nice day everyone!
  5. @ viper: thx for your work the past few weeks. i'm having a lot of fun playing your customs. since i'm just now discovering this awesome band, it's nice to get to know songs through rocksmith. @ Ciffy: i'm looking forward to your next upload ;) good luck moving and settling in again! ps: and a little concert review for the 3 biffy shows you attend would be nice :)
  6. Semi Mental is a lot of fun. Good job Viper!
  7. nice work! played it yesterday. sounds good :) machines and folding stars are great too. a little easier to play than most biffy songs ;) hope you guys have a good (productive) week! ;)
  8. !!! i love folding stars!!! will try now! :)
  9. take as long as you need :) i'm sure you'll do great :) i will :) it's just so frustrating. you can't even really hear the a string in that riff, but it keeps messing up my score :( btw : glasgow will be something special! more bands should do this. i read the tickets sold out in a couple of minutes.
  10. woke up today to see your current project ciffy :) it's gonna be a good day! ;) btw: anyone of you played bubbles on lead? that fucking riff at the end. playing the dominant part ( g and h string) is cool and all but i'm having a really hard time getting the a string in there. played it so many times yesterday but i always mess up switching to the a string. oh well...practice practice practices i guess :)
  11. hey guys, just wanted to drop by and give a huge thanks to the both of you! great to know there will be more biffy coming in the next weeks/months :) saw them live this june as support for kings of leon. they were incredible! friend of mine never heard of them and is now a big fan :) the power of live music! :) anyways keep up what you're doing. greatly appreciated!
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