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  1. You ever go to make a CDLC and in the guitar pro file you are trying to import there is unnecessary sections added to the song? Wondering if there is a way to delete individual sections because it throws the whole rest of the beat timing off for every section after.
  2. YouTube is your friend. There is no right way, there is more efficient techniques you can use but it's mostly based on what feels fluid and comfortable to you. The pick should be held between your thumb and side of your pointer finger, and your hand and wrist should be relaxed and comfortable. Picking was actually the biggest struggle for me starting out. Only 2 rules are strum with your wrist, not elbow and your wrist should move fluidly with little tension. Tension causes your picking to be stiff and therefore slower. Just play around with it and muscle memory will find out what's comfortabl
  3. I guess at that sustain the BPM of the song goes down for the duration of the song. Any way I can change the BPM of the rest of the song after that sustain without messing it up?
  4. Trying to make a song and the timing is perfect up until it hits a sustain that is longer than the sustain in the song. After that point the rest of the song is off beat and notes dont line up with the music. Is there a tool in EoF I can use to shorten the sustain and line up the notes after the sustain to match the timing of the song?
  5. When I hit generate it does its thing but stops and then tells me that Toolkit couldn't verify that I had Wwise installed even though I do and I added the file in the right place. Can anybody tell me why it is doing this? I have a screenshot but cant seem to be able to post it here.
  6. Same here, been not working for about 2 to 3 days. Hope the CF team gets it fixed soon, they've built an awesome website!
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