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  1. Happy Birthday detu!

  2. I have the same problem when i try to search a song in customforge manager. I use Turkish windows may be something with the charctr set. I cleaned all the songs with invalid cahracters but its the same again
  3. I started to play guitar after 20 years when I first saw rocksmith 2014 from a friend and since nearly 1,5 year I am playing rocksmith. 4-5 days a week when I got back from my job after I eat my dinner and talk to wife and kids 1 or 2 hours before going to bed I take my guitar and start Rocksmith. Then I list the songs according to mastery level. I play a song that I never played (0% mastery) before and finish it lets say 64% mastery. I choose the next song with which is 65% mastery and try to improve the mastery score until I reach a better score then before and continue next song with impr
  4. Hi All I found quite useful jammmz.com for recording your playing and people vote gor it. Just use your rocksmith cable and guitar rig software for recording.Worth checking
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