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  1. Happy Birthday ruben11450!

  2. Happy Birthday ruben11450!

  3. can you do "dio - as long as its not about love" guitar?
  4. Thanks, but it should be mire explicit as a shown collumn at ignition
  5. The title is self explanatory, idk if this is the right place to start a suggestion forum though. Adding a rating system, would be good to know how good the cdlc is, there are a few CDLC's that have lots of downloads, but are poorly made. Adding like a 1 to 5 scale, idk
  6. There are a lot of completed requests, that still show as "request", there should be an option that if a certain number of people vote as completed, it shows completed, or atleast to edit the request itself (if you own it), or even a way to inform somone in charge to change the option, just so it would be more orginized.
  7. When CFSM marks a CDLC as corrupt, it usually means that it's severely corrupt and can only be manually repaired (using RS Toolkit and Editor on Fire) The exact repair process depends on what's the problem with the particular CDLC, whether it's a problem with missing tones, corrupt arrangements or something else. (CFMS's repair log should give you a general idea about the problem, though) As for repairing songs that exceede max arrangment number (if that's what you were asking): before you start the repair process, click on "Max Five Arrangements" button in Repairs tab, select which arrangem
  8. Guys, do all the non-repaired with CFSM have this song?, cuz i have some corrupt psarc files, that i cant recover, and im wondering it.
  9. Also, in each of both cases, how can i repair the CDLC when its corrupt, and when, in the other case, it excedes the max arrangements?
  10. So when i repair some songs, if they do fail, the program itself deletes the songs. Is there a way to fix it? How to disable it from deleting the failed repair songs?
  11. I have avira, and after downloading and installing CFSM (either one of the versions) it detects a trojan, auto deletes the files. Should i be concerned is it really a virus? Why does my antivirus detect it as a virus? And how to Fix it? Thanks
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