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  1. This has happened one other time and I figured I had too much in my DLC file. I deleted some files and I didn't have any problems for a while until now. I can play a song and when I press enter to accept the "score" the game simply shows speaker stacks and locks up. I have to go to my task bar and close the program and restart to play another song, then the process repeats. I have also tried to replace the Avenged Sevenfold song "A little piece of heaven" and no matter how many times I delete and re-download the file it will not show in my DLC file. Any suggestions for either issue?
  2. Thanks for the information Wepeel. I guess i need to start looking at the cost of the RS 1 software. Too many good songs on there not to spend the money. I have the rules for this site a few times. I even checked before I posted the question. I have no desire to "cheat" the system. I am on here it seems like constantly since I am trying my hand at creating CDLC myself. That is a process I am not sure I have the patience for. I thought it would be nice to have Cowboy Mouth "Jenny Says" and Filter "Hey Man Nice Shot" but it seems no matter what trick or software I use the BPM is off and I have to move almost every note, and that is just with the bass lines. I am not even going to attempt the Guitar parts since I am a bass play and make ridiculous attempts at the 6 string.
  3. I did look and search for the answer for this question before I posted it. I bought Rock Smith 1 and RS 2014 on PS3. My PS3 hard drive crapped out so after reading about CDLC I decided to DL the PC version. I would like to recover the songs I bought on the PlayStation Network (UbiSoft?) and have the ability to DL the songs from RS 1. Is this possible and if so how exactly would I pull that off. I am missing the ability to play Run to the Hills and several other favorites. Thanks in advance for any and all help!
  4. I thought this was going to be a short and sad list, but it looks like I have managed to see some dang good concerts. There are more but I am getting old and have a hard time remembering 20+ years ago. The Top Three 1. Pink Floyd 2. White Zombie 3. Rage Against the Machine. ZZ Top AC/DC Spin Doctors (not overly proud of this one but it was live music) Kings X John Kay & Steppenwolf Bad Company The Ramones Psychotica Metallica Soundgarden Rage Against the Machine Rancid Screaming Trees Devo Orbital Devo again Prodigy Tool Korn Snoop Doggy Dogg The Who (Superbowl 44 half time show)(yes i went to the Superbowl!) Pink Floyd (1994 Vanderbilt Stadium) Pink Floyd (1994 RFK Stadium Washington DC) The Beach Boys Foreigner White Zombie Lorrie Morgan Charlie Daniels Avenged Sevenfold Korn Cannibal Corpse Suicide Silence Bare Naked Ladies Erimha Texas Hippie Coalition Mushroomhead King 810 Body Count Trivium Asking Alexandra Miss May I Emmure Ill Nino up coming: Rob Zombie Godsmack Seether Buck Cherry Pop Evil Escape the Fate Redlight King Three Years Hollow New Medicine Within Reason Tattered These Raven Skies Sons of Reverly
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