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  1. Interesting. I'll keep an eye out for the new full version. Thanks for all your efforts in making great charts.
  2. I think the last Ignition update didn't bring collections across. I think I read that when the transition occurred.
  3. "So Lonely" by the Police was posted fairly recently with L/R/B parts and a note that it was an old version that had been deleted from the CF and re-uploaded. A new bass-only version got posted today or yesterday that made me curious, so I looked for that full version again and it seems to be gone. (Again?) It looks like I downloaded the L/R/B version on 4/30. I was just wondering why it was pulled. Thanks.
  4. I was curious why there are non dynamic difficulty versions and versions with DD. What does leaving DD out get you? I searched around the forums and looked at at FAQ that I found, but I didn't see anything that addressed this. Sorry if it's been asked a million times before.
  5. Is anybody else here using an HX Stomp? I was thinking it would be nice to start a database of patches for Rocksmith DLC and Customs songs, to have a decent starting place for songs on the Stomp. Is there such a thing already? I couldn't find it if there is.
  6. If anybody felt like charting The Unguarded Moment by The Church, I would greatly appreciate it. It's one of those classic completely guitar driven yet totally 80s New Wave sounding songs. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the quick reply! My settings were still the old ones with DLs descending as the setting. I refreshed the browser and closed the tab and re-launched and those settings stuck. Maybe because I had the window open when you made the changes and it remembered for me? In any event, I clicked the "defaults" button and it switched to latest update and it remembers that setting, so I'm all good now. If I would've clicked that settings box initially I wouldn't have had to bug you at all. Thanks again.
  8. Things look great. Thank you for all your hard work on the site. I have a question: is there a way for me to custom-default the CDLC search to "last updated" instead of "DLs"? I mean, hey, it's great to know that Comfortably Numb and Stairway are the top two downloads of all time here, but it takes two quick clicks every time I launch the search to get where I am headed. There's probably a setting somewhere to save my current selection as default, but I'm not seeing it so any help is appreciated. Thanks. :) And the re-sort by heading is really fast now. The old version was painful to hit those, so it isn't a huge deal.
  9. If anybody felt like charting this 70s glam and hard rockin' classic, I would love it. I'm really surprised there isn't a version available already. In any event, this is the definitive version with the best guitar solo. White Punks on Dope by the Tubes. https://youtu.be/rs9wuaVV33I
  10. So you don't know the answer to my question?
  11. Hi there. I tried using the search feature on this forum and it comes up with almost nothing for XBox. Sorry if this is covered elsewhere. Simple question for using CDLC on XBox360: do I have to do a hardware mod to my console or do I simply have to copy the XBox version files to the directory referenced in the tutorial? The statement "you must jailbreak your console" concerns me since I don't know what that means. I know how to put files on an XBox360 memory stick and have done so for Rock Band 3 customs, so if that is all that's required then I'm good to go. If a console hardware mod is required then I'll pass. TIA.
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