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  1. I've downloaded every single one of your ghost cdlcs and they are perfect. Thank you SOOO much! The Weezer cdlcs are pretty great too, The White Album rules.
  2. any update on new rsinjector for mac ?? Been craving to play :(
  3. was REALLY hoping to play today :/ oh well. Damn mac and rs updates, just gotta be patient until a new rsinjector comes out
  4. Even before the update, this happened. It means you have broken/corrupt CDLC in your folder... unless you can figure out which one is the culprit, you need to remove your CDLC and add them in a little by little. Think of this as an opportunity to clean up your CDLC folder and remove the songs you don't play/like very much. :) Same thing happens to me in "Learn a Song." I've found that "Nonstop Play" works just fine though, see if it's specifically one or the other or both. Otherwise, playing nonstop play is just fine for me! If neither work, make sure that default settings are on in the rs
  5. Both of those versions of RSInjector should be the same (I haven't verified that though). The one posted in my instructions was taken from @@aequitas and I just posted the link so it was easier to find there. You might have a problem with conflicting customs. The Remastered update has clearly changed the way songs are read in the game, and it seems that some of the older methods for creating customs are causing problems. I've had a few crashes myself, with songs that I know worked fine before the RM update. Alrighty, so I took out of bunch of CDLCs I don't play often, and some t
  6. I'll go back to the dlc I know is 100% solid, but like I said. For those two short days, they were all working perfectly fine.
  7. Okay, so I play on Mac, my main problem is that when I scroll through Learn a Song some of my CDLC's start to gray out and lose their image (Image replaced by the rocksmith logo). Also, if I close the game and reopen it, they grayed out CDLCs seem to be random If I click on one of these grayed out CDLCS they just disappear. Some of my other CDLCs still have their image, when I click on one of the normal looking ones, it just shows amps and doesn't bring up the highway. BUT. Two days ago, I downloaded a version of RSinjector from here http://customsforge.com/topic/10547-how-to-add-custom-son
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