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  1. Not sure why you would need Rocksniffer to do this, when you could import a psarc file into RS Custom Song Toolkit and get the lyric files from the charts that way. https://www.rscustom.net 1. Download the toolkit 2. Once installed, go to the 'CDLC Creator' tab. 3. At the bottom, click 'Import Package' and select the file you want to get the lyrics from. 4. It will get you to save a new folder for said cdlc you have just imported (I save them to my E drive, but you can just save it in your rocksmith dlc folder) 5. It should bring a pop up to say the cdlc was imported, click okay
  2. One of the RS Playlist admins here, if you're having trouble with the discord - make sure you read the rules and react to the post and the rest of the discord will open up to you and you will be able to see the #how-to-set-up-the-bot channel 1. Go to https://rsplaylist.com 2. Click the login button in the top right. 3. On that homepage under the Discord link, there should be a hyperlink that says 'Go to my playlist' - click that. 4. At the top of the page, there should be a tab called 'Channel Settings' - click that. 5. A window should have popped up with some settings. 5a. In
  3. Happy Birthday Dellboy_789!

    1. Mr. Rhetoric

      Mr. Rhetoric

      Hey how's it going? I just wanted to quickly say thanks for the Jim Johnston work. I see you did bass but I was wondering if you did Lead or rhythm; in particular Burn in My Light. It's my favorite WWE theme of all time. (if you have seen this already I would like to apologize no span intended I was just having issues sending the message 🙂)

  4. https://gyazo.com/27cbd196fa67f1cd679883f73e142a32
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