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  1. Winch

    CDLC Requests

    LittleVMills - Warframe: We All Lift Together Currently in hype until the release of the expansion. Free download in the YouTube description.
  2. Winch

    CDLC Requests

    For the love of music someone please do Love Rollercoaster by Red Hot Chili Peppers. It wont be easy but boy will you love to play it again and again ?
  3. Look what I found ;) NOPE...
  4. Thanks for the informative reply, much appreciated. And yeah hopefully, they're amazing songs! Speak up CDLC-holders! Someone out there still has to have them!
  5. His DropBox died along with all his customs. I went to download the Royal Blood CDLC but all his links are dead, like his DB went inactive or was removed for some reason. Can anyone contact him, or is there possibly another source where I can get these tracks? Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. How easy/hard would it be to implement Dubstep and DnB themed songs? Just asking because there's very few in CF and with the odd tracks actually in RS (Radioactive etc) that have that theme, is it because it's just too hard to notetrack? Or is it just that people would prefer generic rock genres over something more EDM-based? I'd personally have a go at tracking some of these myself but honestly...I wouldn't know where to start as I'm not good with the software side and i'd probably get the timing wrong. But if someone could shed some light on it I could see where this could lead into me creating my first CDLC.
  7. Yeah quite a few I bought a while ago. I have the file in the dlc folder, its just not showing anything.
  8. My post was a bit confusing i'll admit aha. My RS1 DLC isnt showing up at all. I've verified files in steam, practically tried everything. The disc import tool put the 52 songs on straight away from disc like it was supposed to, but the RS1 dlc is still just not there. Shows up in CFSM under packs so IT knows its there....just Rocksmith itself isn't reading any of the dlc from that file.
  9. Right so I've just noticed NONE of my RS1 disc dlc is there (despite having the rs1compatibility.p.psarc file in my DLC folder. Can anyone shed some light on this problem because I'm missing like 100+ songs. Running through Steam. Purchased: Rocksmith (steam-pc) Rocksmith 2014 Remastered (steam-pc), Rocksmith Disc Import Tool. Smashing Pumpkins - Cherub Rock.
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