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  2. Blind Guardian - Bright Eyes Blind Guardian - Born in a Mourning Hall Blind Guardian - Majesty They all would be very cool! Thanks!
  3. @firekorn@bwaredapenguin I think I did. It was due to an old version of the RSTK. I downloaded the new version and converted again a song, that was "damaged" before. Now it seems to work! Thanks a lot!
  4. @@firekorn I am running RS on Mac. Usually I convert the CDLC on my own using RS Toolkit. The version I currently is 2.6.1. I am not sure if this version is outdated. As I mentioned above, I usually convert all of my CDLC. Approx. 90% work without any issues, but only 10% have those blur effects.
  5. @@bwaredapenguin Ok, I tried again. So here is the log: [2018.07.02 19:04:12]: Cleaning 'dlc' folder and subfolders ... [2018.07.02 19:04:12]: The 'dlc' folder and subfolders didn't need cleaning ...[2018.07.02 19:04:12]: Applying selected repairs to CDLC ...[2018.07.02 19:04:12]: Processing: Judas-Priest-_Turbo-Lover_v1_2_DD_m.psarc[2018.07.02 19:04:13]: - Successfully created backup[2018.07.02 19:04:13]: - Extracting CDLC artifacts[2018.07.02 19:04:13]: - Repair failed ... Invalid address[2018.07.02 19:04:13]: - See 'remastered_error.log' file[2018.07.02 19:04:13]: Judas-Priest-_Turbo-Lover_v1_2_DD_m.psarc - Corrupt CDLC ... Moved file to 'corrupt' subfolder[2018.07.02 19:04:13]: CDLC repair completed ...[2018.07.02 19:04:13]: Saved error log to: C:\users\timo-paessler\My Documents\CFSM\Remastered\remastered_error.log ...[2018.07.02 19:04:13]: Finished repairing took: 00:00:00.7274592 As it looks, it seems that something with an address could be the problem. But what address? Du you have any idea?
  6. @@firekorn Maybe I am just too stupid to get this shit done... When I run the repair option, the only rest is that the CDLC file is being renamed (adding a .cor ending, what actually means corrupt) and moved into a new sub folder. But there does not seem to be a new, repaired version of the file instead. So I tried the moved and renamed file (but I first deleted the .cor ending), but it has still the same issue... What am i doing wrong?
  7. @@firekorn Hm, I downloaded the app and took a look at it. Do be quite honest, I didn't find the correct repair option. Nothing seems to fit. Can you give me an hint?
  8. @@firekorn Thanks for that hint. Can you tell me how to repair them?
  9. Hey guys! For some time now, I have issues with some of the CDLC. On the fretboard, the chords are displayed with some sort of blur effect, consisting of some colored rows and columns (don't now how to describe it better, sorry!). Does anyone of you know how to get rid off this issue? Thanks for your advice!
  10. Hm, I downloaded that app. It works, but I don't find the option to repair this bug. There a numerous of repair options, but none seems to be right. Can you help me out?
  11. Some time ago I got an issue with some of my newer CDLC. When playing them, the chords are not being displayed correctly. The strings which have to be touched in certain frets are being displayed correctly, but all the others - also the ones which are being played empty and the ones which must not be played - are not being displayed as they should. There seems to be some sort of blur effect. It results in huge colored beams (corresponding to the color of the strings), which cover mostly the full width of the screen. Most interestingly, this effect appears only in some CDLC. Inthronisiert first moment I thought that it might be a corrupt file, but meanwhile I have 10 or more of those songs with this effect. Does anyone has an idea about the reason and about how to treat it?
  12. Ok, now it works! Thanks to you, Wepeel!
  13. I recently downloaded the newest version of RSToolkit for Mac (OS 10.11 in my case). When launching it, it tells me to download the Mono framework. So far, so clear. But when launching RSToolkit again after downloading and installing Mono, it tells me again to download and install Mono. Does anyone has an idea about this issue? Thanx for your help!
  14. First of all, I want to thank you for all your advices in this forum. Since yesterday, I try to get it working on my Mac (running OS 10.11). I finally managed to make downloaded m-psarc files work. But what doesn't work yet, is the RSCustomSongToolkit. When launching it, it only tells me to download the latest Mono framework. I did it and installed it, but when running the Toolkit again, it tells me again to install Mono. I tried it another time (now both version are being tried: the universal and the 32 bit), but nothing changes. Do you have any ideas about this issue? Thanks in advance!
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