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  1. @@Mimamau nice job @@firekorn I am no able to find the new signature. I am trying to find it using otool but I dont recognize any of the bytes that appears in the source code of the RSInjector. edit. I saw that @@Mimamau found it in the old executable.
  2. @@firekorn I get it, unfortunately I don't have the old binary.
  3. Hey, I just check the code and I think that the new value for segLen is 0x013d0000 but I don´t now if you need something else. You can verify it by calling in a terminal "otool -lv Rocksmith2014" in the path of your steam rocksmith2014.
  4. Exact same problem here. Check and see if Steam automatically installed the patch update. Must have something to do with it. Same problem here. The current RSInjector doesn't work with the new patch.
  5. Same problem here. I think that its related with the new patch launched yesterday.
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