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  1. For some reason I can find a playthrough of Coheed and Cambria's A Favor House Atlantic on YouTube, but not in Ignition. So if anyone can find me the DLC or recreate it, you be amazing.
  2. Can you edit a Request after it's submitted? I screwed up part of it and want to fix or delete/resubmit.
  3. Hi Again. I have a question about tuning for requests. I can't find anything about what the tuning is for a song (Link Below), and I'm not experienced enough to tell by ear. Any tips on how to tell what type of tuning a song contains?
  4. Guess it was problem with the DLC. I tried a few others that work. It's great, but it sucks that the song didn't work. Thanks For All Your Help Mate. :plus1:
  5. I ment CDLC's. For some reason, the CDLC I have has these ones, which one of the files you linked me doesn't. DLC: http://i.imgur.com/3g9mBGZ.png
  6. I have seen the DLC work on others computers, but I'll try another one. Can you send me a link to one of your CDLC? Also, did the D3DX9 File need to be in a certain place to work, they told me just throw it in the folder. Thanks for your help by the way it's really appreciated.
  7. Rocksmith Folder: http://i.imgur.com/iZwL1dM.png DLC Folder: http://i.imgur.com/svu6xYY.png
  8. Gotcha. And I bought the game from Steam, so it shouldn't be pirated.
  9. Was following the original walkthrough, but yes I bought the DLC last night and it's downloaded.
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