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    CDLC Requests

    Despistaos (Name of the band) Songs requested: Cuando Lloras Seguir Adelante Cada Dos Minutos Artist Hugo Salazar Song: Donde estare
  2. Vlad_B

    CDLC Requests

    Despistao (Name of the band) Songs requested: Fisica o Quimica and Fisica o Quimica (Suave)
  3. Vlad_B

    CDLC Requests

    Despistaos (Spain) 1. Fisica o Quinica (Slow Version, Version Lenta) 2. Fisica o Quimica (Original Version, Version Original) 3. Cuando lloras. For L R and B Thank you Vlad_B
  4. Hola, Necesito ayuda de alguien en Espana que me pueda hacer 3 CDLC de Despistaos 1. Fisica o Quimica 2.Fisica o Quimica (Lenta) 3. Cuando Lloras. Voy a a preciar muchisimo el favor Gracias Vlad
  5. ok, Gracias por la informacion. Voy a tratar otravez con la version del Wwise que tu mencionastes.
  6. El problema que tengo es, Que despues que paso todo el trabajo de crear un CDLD, cuando trato de hacer el paso final (Procesarlo en Wwise), la aplicacion no encuntra el archivo termino borrando todo. Cuando voy al archivo donde esta el CDLC guardado, yo lo puedo ver pero Wwise no lo ve. Estoy buscando una persona que pueda crear los CDLCs que quiero y a cambio yo le pago por el trabajo.
  7. Hello Everyone, Lookin for a MASTER of CDLC please contact me. I have a proposition for you Hola a todos, Estoy buscando un Master creando CDLC. Porfavor de contactarme, Tengo una proposicion.
  8. Hey Everybody, I've had for months to make a few CDLC on my own but, I always have the same result. After I'm done with everything, I'm ready for the last step (Wwise), Wwise cannot find the file, and even when I back to the folder that contains the CDLC, I go back to Wwise, and same thing happens, Wwise can't found the file. Who is a savvy making CDLC? I need someone that can do those CDLCs for me. if you need or require compensation, let me know. Thank you guys
  9. Hi there guys. 2 months ago I downloaded the CDLC of Volbeat "The Gates of Babilon" it worked great for 2 months. The next day after I played the song, Rocksmith does not show the song anymore. I look in the CDLC folder on my system, and the song it is in the list, as the rest of my CDLC. In the game all Cdlc era working, and ready to be play but, the gates of Babilon is not, since Rocksmith is not showing the song in the game. I repeat, I downloaded the CDLC 2 months ago, and it was working just fin3e. Thanks Vlad
  10. Hi guys, back when Rocksmith 2014 did the update to Remastered, all CDLCs stopped working. Someone posted a fix, and actually work like a charm. For months the fix was posted in a big banner at the top of the Custom Forge page. I just installed RS Remastered in a different computer, and of course my CDLCs are not working anymore. I am looking for the link for the fix but, I can't find it. Could anyone give me the link for the fix? Thank you Vlab_B
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