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  1. Jomalo

    CDLC Requests

    HI. Can somebody do Suzi Quatro - Four Letter Words, bass. Many Thanks and keep safe. Suzi Quatro - Four letter words -1979 - YouTube
  2. Happy Birthday Jomalo!

  3. Happy Birthday Jomalo!

  4. I've made a new profile restoration. It works, but again, after reboot, same history. Anyone.. any help????
  5. I have this recent problem. I can see all songs in my list, I select, the play song option. Nothing happens. Completely freezes... But only in some cdlc... for example, Diana Krall, S'Wonderful... all the rest cdlc works ok. I did a profile restore with CFSM, and it work... but after reboot, went back to the same problem. Now, no profile works. Need some help people!!! Thanks in advance
  6. I made a request for a cdlc without the tab link. Now I need to put the tab link. how can I do it? Thanks and best regards
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