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    Guitar of course. Enjoy playing lead and rhythm. Working on customs so I can contribute. Enjoy all types of music but especially into rock, punk, metal, alternative, grunge, and some pop. Generally like to play in E Standard, Drop D, and Eb Standard. Trying to play more Eb Drop Db and Drop C more too.
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    Squier Strat

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  1. Happy Birthday mvsmith!

  2. Happy Birthday mvsmith!

  3. I initially had trouble with the latest build and got the error and wem preview message. Looked at the posts in this thread and several others and downloaded the wwise 4858 build since the 4828 was taken down. Everything worked perfectly. I was even able to convert some RS1 CDLC to RS14. Mixed results for some but still impressive. I don't use Wwise anymore to convert wem files I do it all in the rocksmith toolkit and it works perfectly. Only funny thing I noticed is when I forgot to make a preview in FOF the preview that the rocksmith toolkit made was like a chipmunk speed up version preview within the game. It was really funny. It works fine and plays the normal preview if one is made within FOF. The song played fine too even though it was chipmunk version preview. Great work on the updates. Love the new features.
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