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  1. Is there a way to tell if it's working? I dragged a file on to the box. It came up with the path and the flashing curser is flashing next to the path. It's been there for several minutes on that one song. It doesn't look to be working at all for me. Windows 10 pro. I can let it sit on a song for more than an hour and nothing happens. If I run in admin more it never adds the path to the song. Fixed: Making a shortcut to the desktop fixed the issue.
  2. After the update to Rocksmith remastered my Beatles song i downloaded (I purchased the CD BTW) jumped to 100% complete even though I scored 30%. Really, when I play it only parts of the song sound like music. :) So how did I score 100%?
  3. Ok I will try this. I can't use it this way. I feel like I am making a master recording without know how to play my part.
  4. I purchased the Stevie ray Vaughan CD and then downloaded Tightrope and installed it. For some reason, That particular song the guitar is much louder than the background song. It's very loud when I pluck a string. Has anyone run into this issue? Can anyone test the CLDC and confirm it's the CDLC and not something else with my setup? I doubt it is my setup everything else works fine.
  5. I have it also. just unplug the guitar and plug it back in, i think it losing the cable connection.
  6. So I downloaded a couple of CLDC and they were extremely hard. Even if I slowed the song down a lot it was near impossible. Is there a way to search to find learning CLDC or am I back to buying official DLC?
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