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  1. In firefox I get an "SharedArrayBuffer is not defined" error. But My firefox installation is a little messed up, so it may just be that.
  2. Wow spectacular job, I just gave it a quick test, I'm extremely impressed! The only niggles I have at the moment are the view angle of the guitar strings, For me it's too steep. Consider braking true 3d perspective in favour of readability. Can't wait to see where you take it.
  3. Have you already started looking at note/chord recognition? I started looking at the problem thinking (wrongly!) that it was just a case of furier transforms using ffts and dft, but discovered that's just the setup after that it becomes a statistics and machine learning problem which is a lot more interesting. Of course a pluggable library would be best here's a few open source options that I found. http://isophonics.net/nnls-chroma Chordino http://clam-project.org/ CLAM https://labrosa.ee.columbia.edu/projects/chords/ LabRosa Keep us posted!
  4. Oh and if you're after note recognition these guys may be able to help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMe4MISmbvY
  5. So what exactly does the 5 string bass and 7 string guitar mod do?
  6. This is fantastic, great work! Any chance of a release in some form or another? Have you considered adding scored vocals and drums like rockband? Will it run on linux? Really hope to get to try this out some day!
  7. Just want to add another thank you for this great tool! Is there any way to add the lyrics in too?
  8. Thank you so much for this awesome tool! Is there any way of getting the lyrics in as well, they're so useful to figure out where one's at.
  9. For me the issue is not so much running under linux, but supporting extended range instruments (7+ string guitars, and 5+ string bass), and having scored vocals, percussions would be nice too, one can dream right. Considering that in FoF, FoFIX, Phase Shift, ultrastar etc etc most of the work has already been done it would "only" need a small team of competent coders to hitch the various bits and bobs together. Unfortunately I'm barely a coder and certainly not competent, but most of all I've already mortgaged most of my sleeping hours ...
  10. Unfortunately I checked the sourceforge page and there's no life there, and more importantly no code. So unless someone wants to start from scratch ...
  11. Seems like this project is very very dead ... :(
  12. This is amazing! Can one get this to work with the Bandfuse piezo?
  13. You're my hero! I've been dreaming of this for ever, well since RB3 anyways. For note detection check out guitarix there's a pitch recognition engine in there as well as an attempt at midi conversion. http://guitarix.org/ Also check out Phase Shift (FOF or FOFix fork). It uses the RB3 pro-tar and already has a working note highway, I think it uses midi, so with the guitarix converter it may be able to forced. http://www.dwsk.co.uk/index_phase_shift.html I don't have much time and I'm no coder by trade, I can fix test and muddle stuff into working. I started a project to use the RB3 pro drums as a midi kit in linux, and other better people took it over and smartly moved it from SF to github. So if there's anything useful there please take it. I'd really love to see this take off!!!
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