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  1. Hi guys First of all, good job on this website. It's a heaven's sent for everyone like me who is not extremely technical savvy, at least not enough to create customs, but want to play their favorite songs in Rocksmith. On that same note, this is exactly why an approved section would work so well and why I voted yes. Why would you want to post and share anything that's not complete? Rocksmith has brought the fun back into learning songs, and downloading and trying to play incomplete songs is frustrating and takes away from that experience. I understand that some of you just want to
  2. If I may provide my outlook on this: The guys who share on this site are those who like this game and are technically savvy enough to make their own songs to upload to the game. This is already excellent in itself. When you share it though, you must take into consideration that not everyone has the means of capabilities to do this. But they still like this game and want to play their favorite songs with it. When you share a file, 9 out of 10 times, the guy downloading it does not have the means to create customs himself and will want the quality that the official dlc's and content come wit
  3. Hi guys, I'm new here, and YES! Please!
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