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  1. thanks for your insight man. I have to say I got really mad at some points, because the E5 chord didnt work that well in guitarcarde. I was sure i played it right, but it just didnt work in the game. The only 1 works wonders as it looks. Another question: Should I bar with the first finger when I play F5 and G5? When I started to use them in rocksmith I just pushed down the low e string with my index finger, but I guess it could be better to bar it so the highest 3 strings dont sound if i accidentally strum then?
  2. this all sounded pretty accurate and right for me. you helped me a lot with your answer. thanks man :)
  3. thanks for your answer. this is a nice video, i watched it and I think it shouldnt be a big problem to adapt to your version of E5 and A5. Maybe it was shown in the video and i forgot it, but how do you damp the lower e string when you play A5? with your thumb?
  4. Hi guys, im doing the guitarcarde castle game to practice, but i dont know if I play those two chords like they should be played. For E5 I use my third and fourth (pinky) finger to do an e-minor chord and use my index finger to damp the lower e string. I try to hit the first three strings when strumming. For A5 I do the same, but I use my third and fourth finger one string higher. I also damp the lower e string with my index and play the a string open. There I try to strum the four lowest strings. But i have to admit that A5 works quite more often here. I am already able to bar chords, I dont have that much trouble with c5 or d5 for example. So if I need to bar for A5 just tell me :) . Am I right, that for power chords (all chords with a 5 after the letter, right?) I strum the highest string which I push down (for example: I dont strum the b string and the higher e string when playing c5 or d5)? And another question: If I bar a chord like c5 or d5 i just push down the first string with index finger, right? So the higher stings, which mustnt sound, dont make any noise? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey guys. As there any possibility to change the language? its english since i downloaded the .dll and start the app from the .exe directly. I want to buy Cherub Rock to get the customs running, but I would like to have my language changed back before. Any help, please :o
  6. Hey, I downloaded the .dll, copied it and started Rocksmith. It asked me to type in my login data which I did, but the problem is there is not my Account which I had before and it changed the language to english (not sure if I can follow all lessons in english). They main problem is my account. How do I get it back?
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