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  1. WIP "The Duellists" (from the Powerslave album) - complete remake for RS2014 with DD [url=http://forums.smithyanvil.com/viewtopic.php?id=7606]old RS version[/url] Working on it on my free-time and I don't have that much theses days...
  2. I agree with the CDLCs name standardisation, but the thing is that it would be quite hard to have every poster follow a single rule. I rename every CDLC I download "Bandname - Songname_version_altversion_p.psarc". I also keep every version I download, because with the original Rocksmith CDLCs I sometimes had new versions completely fucked up so I had to go back to the old one. It's also a way to keep kind of a database, in case someone needs an older version to restart from. I don't download every song I see, only the ones I like - so I don't have that much on my folder, which also makes it easier to keep it "clean". When I get new CDLCs, I put them in a folder called "New", so I know which songs I have to check for older versions on the steam folder. When I end checking, I take the CDLCs from the "New" folder and send them to the archive folder so I can keep every versions of each one. Quite a pain in the ass, but it works well avoiding duplicates. BTW, the tabs idea would really mean a lot of supp. work. For exemple, I am thinking of a song I'm working on for quite a long time, which I could find no complete tabs for, and had to mix 3 different ones (they where not complete/partially wrong/not in tune) and tab more than the half of the song all by myself. The song lasts for more than 14 minutes ("Maggot Brain" by Funkadelic) and I would not imagine translating all that work to a pdf tab. Still the idea of making tabs from the CDLC is great, because it would mean we can play it outside from the game with a friend without having to level up another game profile everytime...
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