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  1. Ohh ok thx my thought was that it something has to do with this website and offline and stuff missing thing...anyway sorry for the trouble i will sort it out ..peace
  2. Unfortunately i tried to download the latest version 1301 but i cant because the source cant be found error...is it something on my hand or has it to do with the site....cheers
  3. I couldn't find any topics to thanks folks that keeps the fun at high levels so that's why i put it here if its already exists then no hard feelings to deleted or lock this.. So i want especially thanking all of the people that one way or another give us your spare time to give us the fun of things music and apps. I'm also happy with the that new installer, sound listing possibility, and the fast scanning its so lovely CustomsForge Song Manager Unleashed2k, Darjusz, cozy1, dreddfoxx, Lovroman, ForgeOn, zerkz, Izzy, ​ZagatoZee, Attitude and all CF staff... So if you feel as well a b
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