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  1. It Works!!!!!! I just run the program following the provided instructions and success!!!!!! I just play one song but I assume that the rest will work to. My system: - Macbook pro mid 2014 - Sierra 10.12.1 - Language Spanish - Rocksmith 2014 remastered (Steam) Thanks all for the great job!!!! (If any one need something I will be playing rocksmith please don't disturb!!!!)
  2. Exactly the same here, pasted the provided app but not working. Thanks I think we are on the way to solve this mac issue.
  3. Hi Everyone, just trying to be of some help here. THIS IS FOR MAC USERS: Long story short: same problems with mac here, steam button works but not original rocksmith (I mean not Rocksmith 2014) songs, nor CDLC works, just stuck in the start of the song and have to restart the game. RSInjector not working either, as I remember all the default folders, options, configurations and so on are in place, but, and this is a big BUT, I try to run RSInjector with "sudo" using the terminal to try to catch any system's message and a window appears with the message "Rocksmith2014.app not found!". S
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