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  1. I've tried this at 10 songs at first 2 pages and all of them with Windows AND Mac download button redirects to PC version (except those which redirect to whole folder which contains multiple versions, but it's uploader's choice). Idk how would you make it possible since uploaders did not post separate mac file..it would either stay like this and mac users would have to convert it or you will disable mac download buttons for pre-ignition4 uploads.
  2. Submiting CDLC breaks text edition in "Author notes" section. Row spaces are deleted and hyperlink is not clickable. Before : After : Also, when I go to "Edit record" and click "Submit edited CDLC" it doesn't leave edit window, which should in my opinion + it says this :
  3. Found mistake in notifications. <song> has been $type by <user> Tbh idk what the real message should be, I'm guessing has been added to collection or favourites or whatever...
  4. Happy Birthday sorrow!

  5. Happy Birthday sorrow!

  6. Happy Birthday sorrow!

  7. Happy Birthday sorrow!

  8. I'm so glad they did not ruined cdlc because I just bought a guitar and Rocksmith :) Would be complete fail for me if they did tho :P Looking forward to play all those badass songs :D:D:D
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