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  1. It worked! I put the RSBypass.dylib inside the same folder as my Rocksmith2014.app. I opened steam, I clicked on the "Play" button for Rocksmith 2014! Thanks again :DDDD
  2. For some reason, with the Rocksmith.app.old changed to Rocksmith.old, opening with latest injector, and I believe I've changed the permissions, but I still get the same error "Rocksmith2014 cannot be opened because of a problem." Here is a list of my files in the Rocksmith2014 folder with their respective permissions
  3. Okay, so I did what you said (Changed the name of the original Rocksmith.app inside my steam folder to Rocksmith.app.old, downloaded your Rocksmith.app and placed it inside the same folder, tried to open your Rocksmith.app in the same folder, it crashed like you said so I ignored it, opened up the Steam app and click "Play" Rocksmith). When I click "Play" I get this message When I Ignore the dialogue and click Play again, I get this This is what my folder Steam/steamapps/common/Rocksmith2014/ looks like Am I doing something wrong here?
  4. *Mac User Here* The strangest thing happened today. I played my CDLC earlier today like I normally do (Open steam, then open the Rocksmith Injector). Now when I try and open the Rocksmith Injector with Steam open, nothing happens. It doesn't initialize the game. I've tried deleting the local files from steam and reinstalling the game, and I've tried redownloading and replacing the Rocksmith Injector that I found on the forums here for the recent Mac fix. I'm at a loss as to what failed.
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