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I have a ton of CDLC already, but i cant put new songs in. Any help?

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I have loads of CDLC, so i know i am doing it right. I have the .dll file and i tried the patcher, still nothing. They just dont show up on the list. I tried to delete some of the crap ones, hoping there was a limit, but that didnt work.

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Not sure, I seem to have this "limit" problem as well now... I try to add one more CDLC and my Rocksmith 2014 (PC) either hangs up at the "R" pick logo screen before the Ubi Logo pops up or it hangs after loading my Profile and it just shows the Amps, no Menu Options. Forcing me to Alt-Tab and kill the process.


I should note that I've tried a bunch of different CDLC files and they all cause the freezes... it seems like it's just one too many, but I don't have more CDLC than have been Officially released... so it seems odd.

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there is no limit of dlc that i know.

maybe the cdlc you trying to add have diffrent app id than the cherub rock one(seen it happens somtimes)

and if you dont have that song's app id on your list the songs wont show up

if thats the case you can change the app id of the song to cherub rock on the toolkit> Packer/Unpacker tab >App id Updater

hope it helps~

Check out My other CDLC [mostly j-rock] :)

ILoveGazettE's Planned/Requested/in Progress CDLCs


~You Tube Channel~

[i'll try to upload all the cdlc I make there]



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