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Danzig - Twist of Cain & Mother need custom tones also GFR - Got this thing on the move


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First post here but been with you from almost the beginning. Love the site! Anyway...Hope this is the correct section.


I have charted a few songs they seem to play pretty good but I cant get a custom tone to load so of course they crash RS from loading tones for any other songs tried to play after. Anyone interested in adding the tone for me? You can even submit them as your own, I would just like to get them out there for everyone to enjoy.



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Hi Kevin,


I have a copy of Twist of Cain in a CDLC (I can't find it in the customsforge database - it must have been from Smithy's), with a great tone. I unfortunately do not know who did it as those forums are defunct now. The same tone should be a good base for Mother as well.


Which part of loading a tone are you having issue with? Are you using RSToolkit to load them?


Also for GNR, there is already a ton of great work up in the database, you could easily find a similar tone in those and just credit the author for it.

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