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Please AVOID unnecessary non-standard tunings


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There are a lot of CDLC with non-standard tunings. These are always VERY annoying, because not every guitar or bass model allows for easily re-tuning your strings, for example if you have a (very common) Floyd Rose bridge on your guitar, even re-tuning a single string requires to unbolt the nut and adjust all of them.

The Custom Forge Song Manager tool can help with non-standard tunings where all strings are tuned up or down by the same amount, by converting a CDLC into standard tuning and applying a pitch shifter. It won't sound beautiful in-game however, and it can't handle properly CDLCs with lead/rhythm/bass charts in different tuning, or CDLCs that do not have a lead chart.

So please please please... do not make CDLCs in non-standard tuning unless necessary! There are many CDLCs in Eb tunings where there are NO NOTES on open strings (fret zero) and no harmonics played. This means it is unnecessary to tune the instruments other than in E standard.

If you usually just grab tabs from websites and turn them into CDLCs, when you see that they have Eb tuning instead of E, be aware that many times this means they were probably done by a BAD charter who maybe didn't even bother to tune their own instrument before charting the tabs, at which point they are also likely to have other mistakes. Don't think that a bad CDLC is better than no CDLC at all, it is worse because other potential (good) charters will think the song is already done and won't do their own CDLC of it. And be aware that most people will simply trash your CDLC after downloading, if they see it requires non-standard tuning, just like I used to do before figuring out how to convert them.

Sorry for the rant!

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