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Having a bit of trouble with simple audio replacement

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I'm trying to simply create a Megadeth Holy Wars with replaced master backed nolead version from youtube. 

Just in case anyone is wondering - yes I own the DLC.  No I do not wish to distribute this.  Purely for my own educational purposes.

Made the ogg, etc.  Fixed up any issues with sync (pain the arse as there seemed to be some timing differences in the files compared to the rocksmith ogg but I digress).  Created an ogg with exact same length, etc.  Opened in DLC builder, gave it a different DLC key and all that jazz.  Made release. 

Just will not show up in the tracks in rocksmith.  Tonelib seems fine with them.  All nicely synced etc.

Tried changing dlc key, tried changing artist

Strange thing is that I eventually got a version to work a few days ago but the audio sync was wrong.  Can't remember what I did to get it in.

DLC builder is mostly up to date - just a couple of minor versions behind.


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How exactly did you sync the audio? Just because the audio is the same length doesn't necessarily mean the beats are sync'd


As for the created DLC not showing in RS, if you created a different DLC key then I'm not sure what the problem would be

Are you using Project -> Generate new IDs for Arrangements in DLC Builder?

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I've spent a fair bit  of my life making substandard electronic music so syncing them in ableton was not an issue.

I loaded up the original ogg from holy wars dlc (can drag oggs into ableton without issue).  Loaded up a second track with the ripped mp3 from a youtube to mp3, synced them both at the first drum hit and indeed found them to be out of sync by the end.  Drew single warp points at the start and end of the ripped guitarless track, warped it at points of reference at the end  and it all came good.

Thanks for the suggestion of project->, I'll try that option.

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