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Questions! CDLC Volume + Latency/OBS



What's up! Brand new to rocksmith (using it for music streams on Twitch) and having a heck of a time getting my setup right over here. Have 4 questions:

1) I got CDLC installed and running just fine (surprisingly easy shockingly)  however most of the songs I play are on a 7 string. I understand 7 string tabbing is not an option so charters will either transpose to 6 or otherwise work around (which is fine) but I think my problem is with the low tuning/pitch itself. Half the CDLC songs I'm playing in B or A# tuning the game's throwing an error at me saying "Make sure you're not playing a bass bro" then once it's in-song my guitar volume is SUPER low? I'll try tone-switching to  custom ones and the guitar volume still stays mega low I pretty much only hear the song. Don't get me wrong though on other CDLC I can hear my guitar LOUD and clear, super thick and full sounds great. Appears some 7 string songs in Ignition4 show "Pitch version" would that like have been given the extra care to ensure this doesn't happen or something? 

2) Being brand new to rocksmith (not guitar) I understand there are algorithms in place to keep you from progressing too fast at the expense of the game only showing you like 33% of the notes in a song and forcing you to repeat sections? I tinkered with settings and turned master off and difficulty override off or something and think I fixed it but still some songs that say ride the low string like thrash 000 000 000 000 000 will only show in-game "0 0 0 0" so something's still weird?


3)  So I strictly play rhythm (no interest in learning leads right now), coming in new to rocksmith I've memorized the songs I want to play so don't need and more importantly won't be following what's on-screen tablature-wise very close. Even in rhythm charts it'll include some solo's and I'll straight up hang back and play the underlying rhythm riff BUT when I do this the game seems to 'penalize' me by reducing my guitar's volume due to all the misses? Is there a way around this at all?

4) Latency...the big one lol. I've spent like a week researching and troubleshooting in-game guitar latency to the point of insanity. So seeing as my whole goal here is to stream I need for both myself and my stream (OBS software) to hear game audio. With audio exclusivity ON there is no latency it's actually amazing...but OBS doesn't hear. So then with audio exclusivity OFF now OBS hears but...latency (small but still unplayable to me). I've tried changing ini files, tried running OBS to capture stereo, tried voicemeeter, everything I could find on google and almost nothing works. The workaround (very poor workaround) I found is to right click Sounds -> Sound -> Playback devices -> Speakers (Desktop Audio) and uncheck Exclusive Mode THERE however when I boot up RS it throws an error saying something like "your output isn't matching audio exclusive mode and your gameplay will be impacted". Regardless when I get in-game lo and behold I'm in audio exclusive mode and OBS can also hear audio but I swear to the gods there's still a SMIDGE of latency that wouldn't be there otherwise lol. Any thoughts?

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