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EOF error on Windows 10 with MAC Parallels


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Hi All,

I am trying again to make my first CDLC for Rocksmith 2014. I have given up many times before, but really want to start making my own songs. My first issue is with EOF. I took the latest file eof1.8RC12+hotfix(9-26-2020). I do not see a seperate hotfix folder to copy/overwrite like I saw previously. So I just try to open EOF after extracting.
It immediately says that I need to install Lame and Vorbis tools to use MP3. I do not find any instructions on that process and wnoder why I have this issue and no one else seems to mention this.
I found a process to install Lame on my C drive and rebooted, but no change.
Lame is also in the EOF folder.

I can load the OGG sample files in the EOF folder and they play. 

Why does my EOF not allow MP3 files to be loaded? It only says it allows OGG and WAV files when trying to open.


Screenshot 2022-07-25 at 14.15.59.png

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Update: SOLVED -  Files were actually not on Windows file system

I converted the MP3 to OGG and then added to EOF. When I try to add leading silence I get an error:

EOF PART GUITAR Expert.  Could not add leading silence (error 47).
However there is a guitar.ogg file created.

Does it matter where the folder is unarchived? I just have it on my desktop.

I am running Windows 10 in a Parallels. All other applications seem to work fine, Guitar Pro, Wwise, RS Toolkit, etc. Of course I won't know until I get further into the process. I have been using the toolkit for years in this way to convert CDLC songs to different platforms.


SOLUTION:  Make sure when you extract the files, they are actually on the Windows file system. Parallels is so integrated, it looks like the desktop folder is Windows, but it was the MAC.


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