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Pitch Shifter not working on bass-only and CDLC with different bass/guitar tunings


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not sure how much active is the development and bugfixing of the CFSM, but I have just started to use it and noticed the following issue with the pitch shifter functionality, which I have been using typically to convert Eb tracks to E.

When a CDLC is either bass-only (no guitar lead or rhythm track), the pitch shifter correctly changes the notes on the highway but does not actually apply the shift on the bass tone.

When a CDLC has a bass with different tuning compared to guitar, the pitch shifter applies to the bass the same shift as guitar even if it should be different.

These results in the bass tone being out of tune with the song audio all the time, and seem to share the same cause.

coldrampage was kind enough to double-check this issue and suggests that the cause of the problem might be in the CFSM to analyze only the guitar lowest string tuning, and apply the same to the bass as well, leading for example a CDLC with guitar in Eb and bass in E to end up with bass tone being unnecessarily shifted up, and in case of a bass-only CDLC with the bass tone not shifted at all (perhaps treating the lack of a guitar path as a default E that doesn't need shifting).


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