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Unpacking DLC?


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This is a double question

First, I want to unpack and fix some ODLC for my personal use (like Pantera's 5 Minutes Alone ending in a fade out, which really bugs me) and the DLC Builder just won't unpack official songs. Is there a way to bypass the "anti-piracy" measure?

Second, I want to fix the awful CDLC that include tab errors and low quality audio. I figured that, for the tab issue, I could extract the .gp5 using the Rocksmith To Tab tool but this time it's the CDLC that won't pass through the program. Any suggestions aside from getting another tab?

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I'm not sure about the ODLC but for fixing crap CDLCs, just start over from scratch using a good tab or make your own tab. If its a bad CDLC, pretty much guaranteed they used a tab from UG so if you want the tab just head over to UG and download it from there.

Bad CDLC is so jacked up its not worth bothering with trying to fix it. Its more efficient and easier to just start over from scratch. Plus if you're wanting to use better quality audio then you'll have to start over anyway because you will be using an entirely different audio track.


RSToolKit can be used to unpack CDLC files as well. Might try that one to see if it will work on your problem files. 

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