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It's time for Canadian's best to get some recognition.

I've loved Alexisonfire since the moment I heard them back in 2004 and with them back together AND a new album on the way...

It's time to educate the youth and masses about 'The Only Band Ever'.

******WORK IN PROGRESS******



Alexisonfire - October 31, 2002.




No. Title Charted By
1.  ".44 Caliber Love Letter" droxid
2.  "Counterparts and Number Them"  
3.  "Adelleda"  
4.  "A Dagger Through the Heart of St. Angeles"  
5.  "Polaroids of Polar Bears" rafal666
6.  "Water Wings (And Other Poolside Fashion Faux Pas)"  
7.  "Where No One Knows"  
8.  "The Kennedy Curse" rafal666
9.  "Jubella"  
10.  "Little Girls Pointing and Laughing"  
11.  "Pulmonary Archery"  





"WATCH OUT!" - June 8 2004.



No. Title Charted By
1. "Accidents" 65days & dave5678
2. "Control"  
3. "It Was Fear of Myself That Made Me Odd"  
4. "Side Walk When She Walks"  
5. ""Hey, It's Your Funeral Mama""  
6. "No Transitory" 65days
7. "Sharks and Danger"  
8. "That Girl Possessed"  
9. "White Devil"  
10. "Get Fighted"  
11. "Happiness by the Kilowatt"  




Crisis - August 22 2006.




No. Title Charted By
1.  "Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints"  
2.  "This Could Be Anywhere In The World" 65days & kc_
3.  "Mailbox Arson" wizardghost
4.  "Boiled Frogs" kc_
5.  "We Are the Sound"  
6.  "You Burn First"  
7.  "We Are the End"  
9.  "Keep It on Wax" Rirdeg
10.  "To a Friend"  
11.  "Rough Hands"  




Old Crows/Young Cardinals - June 29 2009.




No. Title Charted By
1. "Old Crows"  
2. "Young Cardinals"     65days & dave5678
3. "Sons of Privilege"  
4. "Born and Raised"  
5. "No Rest"  
6. "The Northern"  
7. "Midnight Regulations"  
8. "Emerald Street"  
9. "Heading for the Sun"  
10. "Accept Crime"  
11. "Burial"  




Dog's Blood EP - October 31 2010




No. Title Charted By
1.  "Dog's Blood" JordanDH 
2.  "Grey"  
3.  "Black as Jet"  
4.  "Vex"  



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