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Looking for some feedback on my first CDLC


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I decided to give making my own CDLC a try. After failing miserably because I picked a song that was way too long and complex for my learning I decided to make Danko Jones - The Twisting Knife.

Things I know so far:

Tone - Not 100% accurate, mostly because I grabbed the first distortion sound I found. It works pretty good but there's no separate lead tone, which I will try to work one but in 20 years of playing guitar I've never been a tone guy, so we'll see.

Lead/Rhythm tracks - Essentially 100% the same thing, the only difference is during the lead break, was considering cutting the Rhythm track since the difficulty of the solo is like maybe a 2/10 so it's not gonna throw too many people off.

Lyrics tracking - Getting it as close as I did was a small miracle since it seems my patience does not include this particular task. I did a few runs in UltraStar and then another in EoF so it's pretty closeish. By the time I was doing a final review in EoF I realized I messed a few syllables up but since this is a guitar game and not a singing game I just left it as is for now.

Any feedback on major mistakes, timing issues, etc. would be greatly appreciated. I didn't test DD, the song is like 4 chords so there's not really much for adjustments other than the speed so it's probably fine, I find DD does actually make anything easier to learn so I never use it. Also, any general guidance on how you think a lead tone should be set up would be cool.



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