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Best songs to play outside of Rocksmith?


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Hi all,

So I've been playing for a couple months now and I've come to realize that while Rocksmith is fun and I've definitely built up guitar playing skills I didn't have before, when I tell people I'm learning guitar the first thing they want is to hear a song. Unfortunately I feel like a lot of songs in Rocksmith don't sound right when played acoustically (or without an entire band). So my question is what are the best songs that can be played the same way inside and outside of the game that still sound like the full song? Alternatively, how would I go about taking songs I like/want to play outside of the game and making them sound good when played acoustically?

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What genre do you play or listen,for me i play rock , metal songs on rocksmith usually their riffs are pretty easy and sounding good without band. I can only recommend some metal or rock songs, you can play Cowboys from hell from Pantera its kind of easy and good sounding when played alone, you can try to learn some easy melodic solos like Master of Puppets interlude solo played by James Hetfield. I can help more if you tell me which type of music you usually listen to.

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