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Hello, I must be going... (newcomer's questions)



Hello all, I am new to RockSmith, in fact I haven't even started yet... and I already have questions ūüôā¬†


First of all a small self-introduction. I am coming from RockBand3, and I've been thinking about adding RockSmith to our family musical hobbies for a while, since guitar and bass have always been the weakness of RockBand games. With Christmas approaching, now might be a good time to bring RockSmith up as a present to my kids. I am trying to decide about a couple of things...


1) First of all, I am undecided between getting RS2014 for PC or for PS3. I've read the tutorial for using customs, and it seems really easy on the PC and only a bit more complicated on the PS3, as there are tools for conversion. I am aware that the PS3 must be "jailbroken". Do RS customs need only to be COPIED to the PS3 or do they also need to be encrypted, or is necesary to mess up with "rap" files? We already have HEN on our PS3 because of RockBand3 customs, and all that is needed for them is just to copy the files under the proper folder. Is there any particular reason to prefer the PS3?


2) If I get it for PC, is it better to buy it off Steam or in DVD format? Generally speaking I prefer buying physical copies, and second-hand ones if possible. Do the RS DVD work second-hand or do they have some one-time code that binds them to an account? However, if it is necessary to buy "Cherub Rock" from Steam for customs, I might as well just buy the games from Steam as well. Does it make a difference for using customs if I get the "remastered" version, or does it need to be the basic one?


3) I understand that the "Tone Cable" is not system-specific, and actually other non-RockSmith 1/4"-USB cables works with RS. What is the general knowledge about the compatibility of other cables with RS, do you know which ones work and which ones don't? I noticed some remarks on some EU online music shop that certain 1/4"-USB cables are detected as microphones and therefore don't work in RockSmith. On the other hand there are even articles on the web suggesting that the official Tone Cable is very poor and using a generic but decent-brand cable is better. Is the official Tone Cable required for having 2 players simultaneously?


4) If I don't find a suitable cable for a while, are the other options "Microphone Mode" and no-cable patch suitable? Is it possible to have 2 simultaneous players (guitar + bass, or 2 guitars) when using these modes?



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1. No. If you have a PC, use the PC. You're going to go through more effort moving songs back and forth and converting them just for the same result.

2. Buy it off steam, it's on sale right now for $8.99 USD https://store.steampowered.com/app/221680/ . Don't get the DVD, as it is just a steam key so second hand would be redeemed and you'd be screwed out of money. Remastered is just an update to the game so all LEGAL copies will get it.

3. Online people say the official cable is "very poor" but it really isn't. A lot of the staff have been using the same cable since the RS1 days and it works perfectly fine. The game doesn't natively support non-Rocksmith cables to the full extent that the Rocksmith cable has, but there is mods that enable that functionality: http://bit.ly/RSModsGit (Direct Connect Mode in this mod). I believe Real Tone Cables are required for multiplayer.

4. No cable is obsolete with Direct Connect mode mentioned above, and "Microphone Mode" makes it so you can't hear the guitar in game as it's meant for acoustics. For Microphone mode,  you may be able to use it for Player 1 but not for player 2. Direct Connect mode only has support for player one as well. No Cable has the ability to play with 2 unofficial cables, but as stated previously, it's obsolete. You really shouldn't use No Cable unless you absolutely have to.

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