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EOF problem with Set Tuning


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I'm just start having this issue today, EoF doesn't change the notes to the new tuning (Standard B) and it still displays them on Standard E.

This is wierd considering that it did change the notes before in a previous project with Standard C# tuning.




Also, in another project, EoF doesn't recognize the Drop C tuning and displays it as "Unknown tuning". Even the Power Chords on the 6th string are charted as "7sus4" like on Standard E again.

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If you change the tuning of a string that is used by any notes in the track, EOF should offer to try to transpose that note up/down the string by however many frets the tuning changed.  If you can reproduce steps where that isn't happening, please send me the .eof project file and specific steps (ie. change the tuning of string # to #).  String 6 tuned down 4 half steps and all other strings at default tuning is the only "drop C" tuning EOF will recognize, so likewise if you can find a way to get EOF to not recognize it in that specific circumstance, let me know.

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